Thank You!

Hi All,

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who left me a comment, reblogged, or liked my Crohns Disease Awareness post. I can’t believe that some of you even said you’d wear purple just for me and even said I was brave! Just wow. Thank you so much. You continue to be the best followers ever.

For those of you going through Crohns’s/Colitis-just know I am always here if you need a friend.

I’d love if you guys could SUBMIT pictures off yourself wearing PURPLE WITHH A DISNEY FLAIR! I will post EVERY image that you send. If you want to submit Disney art that helps raise awareness for Crohns/Colitis-that would be awesome too!

Remember Crohns/Colitis awareness week ends DECEMBER 7th so send your images in today!!!


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  4. officialdisneymagic said: I’m not wearing Disney themed awareness apparel, but I am wearing all-out purple and convinced some friends to wear purple too! We all support you! :)
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